The aim of PR forum is to bring together a wide audience of academics, policy makers, practitioners around clearly circumscribed topics, engage participants in fruitful debate, and facilitate mutual understanding. We form our principles on the basis of a critical perspective, an interdisciplinary approach and social responsibility.


Academic idea and thoughts as well as developing new networks and collaborations Through innovative Research.


As an independent academic platform, our tasks are to share, publicize and support the academic research in our region. To strengthen the ties between science and society.

Conference Tracks


Business Research is a field of practical study In which Researcher Develop their skills in facilitation Through Business Research fora.


Management Research is a systematic inquiry that helps to solve business problems and contributes to management knowledge

Social Science

Social Science Research investigates human behavior. It explains the methods used and the topics studied within the field.


Economic Research will guide through the process of forming economic hypotheses, gathering the appropriate data, analyzing them, and effectively communicating their results.


This platform for both academicians and professionals from multi-disciplinary interests to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines.

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